Meet the Dubiens DIY guide for Christmas gifts for kids!

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming in just under a month and I can’t believe it. Now’s the time to start preparing. Are you looking to make your kids something special this Christmas? Well, look no further. I scoured the archives of my blog and came up with an awesome list of things that parents can make for their kiddos this Christmas. Maybe money is tight, or maybe you want to give your kids something extra special made from the heart. Hopefully you see something you like on this list. Without further ado, here’s the Meet the Dubiens ultimate DIY holiday gift guide for kids – wow, that title is a mouthful!

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1. tea party table

DSC_0778 copy-cs3-blog

DSC_0794 copy-cs3-blog (2)

What little girl wouldn’t love their very own tea party table for Christmas? My daughter absolutely loves this and plays with it all the time with her tea party sets and play food. This was super easy to make and really cheap. It also looks fabulous in her room because I used matching fabric to make the table. Your little girl will love this. I promise you.

2. play food dessert tray and cake stand



If you’re going to make the tea party table above, you’re going to need some dishes to go with it. What’s a tea party without cute tableware? Again, these were really easy to make and really cheap. I got cheap plastic dishes from the dollar store and just glued them together. Easy and done. They look fabulous with Kirsten’s adorable felt play food.

3. lego and car table



I couldn’t make a special little table for my special little lady without making one for my special little guy too. My little Cam is obsessed with cars, so it was a no brainer that we would absolutely adore a cars lego table. Cam plays with his lego cars and table daily and it’s probably one of his most favourite toys. How special do I feel that I was the one who made it for him? Let me tell you, it rocks!

4. button rings and/or ring pop rings




Do you have a little girly girl like me? My little girly girl loves all things girly and this includes wearing adorable jewelery. Here’s 2 kinds of rings that were really easy to make and she just loves playing dress-up with them.

5. play make-up



Of course if your little girly girl has adorable little play jewelry to play with, she’s going to want some play make-up too. I hated that regular kids play make-up was actually real makeup. Talk about messy. This idea is just brilliant because it uses dried nail polish in empty makeup containers. No mess and uses full imagination. Perfect.

6. kool-aid lip gloss and/or chocolate lip gloss




My kids get very chapped lips in the Winter. It goes hand in hand with our cold Canadian winters. Kirsten and I decided to make our own lip gloss. We’ve made them with vaseline and cocoa and vaseline and kool-aid and we’ve loved the results. They were easy to make and they keep our lips nice and smooth all Winter long. These would make a great stocking stuffers too.

7. kool-aid play doh



Not only can you use kool-aid to make awesome shiny lip gloss like the stuff above, but it also makes amazing play doh. This stuff is so colorful and smells awesome. Make batches of lots of different colors and package it in small containers. This would also make a great stocking stuffer for the kiddos. What kid doesn’t love playing with play doh?

8. Paints! shaving cream bath paint and/or bubble bath paint and/or rainbow watercolours




Kids need to bathe, so why not let them have a little fun while they’re doing it. Both of these bath paints are awesome although I think I prefer the shaving cream one. My kiddos love when I whip up batches of bath paints and they have a blast painting the walls and themselves in the tub. It cleans up beautifully and it has never stained my white tile and grout, I promise. Whip up some batches of bath paints and package them in small airtight containers. Makes a perfect gift. If you don’t want to make any paints for the bathtub, how about some awesome watercolor paints. This recipe is awesome and it’s probably one of my most favourite paints we’ve made to date.

9. I-spy bottle



These I-spy bottles are awesome. They’re great to take on car trips, to take to restaurants to amuse little ones while you wait for your food, to take to the doctor’s office to help the wait go a little easier, and the list could go on. I’ve made several of these because they’re really cheap and easy to make. As soon as the kiddos get bored of their current one I can easily and cheaply make another. They’re pretty awesome.

10. recycled crayons


Who doesn’t have millions of little crayon bits in their kids colouring basket? I know we do. If you have a shaped silicone tray, you can easily recycle those crayons into cool shapes. I personally prefer the star shape because of the points. My kids prefer to colour when there is a sharp point on the end. This too, would make a great stocking stuffer for your little ones.

11. Plastic Bottle Bowling


You can easily recycle some plastic water bottles into an awesome bowling game for your kiddos at little to no cost at all. I scoured the recycling bin at work, used paints I already had on hand and got a ball at the dollar store. They are painted from the inside too, so they are totally safe for little ones. This is an awesome game that your kiddos will enjoy again and again.

Hope you found some inspiration on this list and happy crafting. Your kiddos will love it!

Remember – click on the post titles to link to the actual post with the instructions on how to make these awesome crafts!

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Dubiens DIY guide for Christmas gifts for kids!

  1. sunshine4

    Thanks always for these great posts of your lists of bests! Great as always.

    Wondering where you purchased those really nice looking felt treats for tea parties?

    Thanks, Kristen

    1. Jill

      Thanks! I purchased the felt food on Amazon – there are links to the actual sets I bought on Amazon at the end of that particular post. Just click on the titles to get to the actual posts with the info. I hope that helps!


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