fun food friday: rudolph the red-nosed reindeer


I haven’t done a fun food friday is what seems like ages. With both the kids in full-time school now, they eat more fun bento boxes than fun plated meals. Regardless, I found these adorable lip pop lollipops and just knew I wanted to make the kiddos a fun lunch with it. Once the lollipop part is eaten, just clean the rudolph nose and you have an awesome sandwich pick! I made a circle-cut chicken sandwich and stuck the lip pop in the middle. I used the scrap bread and crust pieces from the circles to make the ears and antlers. I used a small bento cutter to cut the eyes out of mozza cheese and black food markers to colour the eyes in. Really easy and super fun! Happy Friday!

For those who don’t know what lip pops are, here is what the packaging looks like:


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