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The kids are in love with the reindeer hats we made a couple weekends ago. They have been wearing them non-stop. And I don’t really blame them either, because they’re adorable! They were super simple to make and I just love that my sweet kiddos hand/arm prints are the antlers. Such a great keepsake.


Here’s how you make them:

What you’ll need:

brown construction paper
white/black/off-white cardstock
brown paint
red pom poms
2 popsicle sticks
paper punches – 1 inch and 2 inch


1. Measure the brown construction paper around your kiddos head, cut and glue it together. I had to glue 2 pieces together to get it to fit my kids head. Allow to dry.

2. Paint your kiddos arms and hands with brown paint and stamp them both on your off-white cardstock. You’ll want to use a thicker paper, like cardstock, so your antlers don’t flop over. Allow to dry. Once dry, cut the antlers out with your scissors.

3. Using your white cardstock and 2 inch paper punch, punch out some eyes. Using your black cardstock and 1 inch paper punch, punch out some eyeballs. Glue these on your reindeer.

4. Glue a red pompom on your reindeer for the nose.

5. Glue your antlers on. I used popsicle sticks on the back to help hold the antlers up so they wouldn’t fall over. The popsicle sticks have worked great! Allow to dry.



Have fun with your awesome new reindeer antlers!!



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