new portraits of the kiddos

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I’m still on vacation here, but I’m having a very lazy week. I don’t often get a chance to relax and it seems I’m taking full advantage of it, lol. I had a list of things I wanted to get done this Christmas break and I just can’t seem to get motivated. One thing I did do though is take new portraits of the kids. I like to take their portraits every Christmas. I took these pictures the weekend before both of my kids fell at school. Cam cut his lip open and Kirsten cut her cheek open. They both fell on the ice about 2 days apart if you can believe it. We’re still tending to their wounds here! I guess that’s what photoshop is for, lol.

Here are a few of my newly turned four-year old! He co-operated so well!!




And here are some of my beautiful five-year old!




For those who are wondering – no, that is not my wall, baseboard or floor. I have a photography stand, seamless photography paper, a fake bamboo floor mat and a piece of baseboard! I have several rolls of photography paper and I’m able to assemble and take down this set up very easily. I just love it! It’s pretty narrow (the rolls of paper are 53 inches), but so are the rooms in my house. It’s great for photographing 1 kid at a time though. I bought a piece of baseboard at home depot. These are the products I have:

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7 thoughts on “new portraits of the kiddos

  1. katherine

    Those are gorgeous–kids and photos! Thanks for sharing your tricks with us. I would love to see a photo of your set up and any other tricks you care to share. I love photography but am definitely a beginner and could use all the help I can get.

    1. Jill

      Hey Katherine! I didn’t take any pictures of the set-up, but I will next time. Basically I just move my dining room table and chairs out of the room and set up the stand, paper, floor and baseboard. I have large patio doors behind me and a large window to my right. That provides me enough natural light for the photos. I’m really just a hobbyist myself and really don’t feel qualified to offer photography tips, lol. There is still so much that I am learning too – if only I had more time!!

    1. Jill

      Hey Kelly! Just used natural light. I shoot the pictures in my dining room and I have huge patio doors behind me and a large window to my right. Happy New Year!


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