this week in bento boxes

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m excited to start making Christmas lunches soon, but in the meantime, here are some cute regular lunches I have made lately. I hope you enjoy!


I got a couple new sandwich boxes last week and I absolutely love them. The colours are gorgeous (I got blue for Cam and pink for Kirsten), they hold a good-size lunch for my kids, and they are super easy for them to open and close. Beautiful. This Trudeau Fuel Everest sandwich box held a circle cut ham sandwich with an adorable piece of lion baran for instant cuteness. It also held a silicone muffin cup with a few baby carrots, 2 strawberries with adorable lion picks, half a peeled clementine orange, and a babybel cheese with the letter C cut out – for Camden!


Here’s Kirsten’s version of the lunch above. She too had a circle cut ham sandwich, but she had an adorable piece of bunny baran. She also had a silicone muffin cup with baby carrots, half a peeled clementine orange, 2 strawberries with adorable bunny picks, and a babybel cheese with the letter K cut out – for Kirsten!


This colourful bento box was for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. The bottom tier held a fun fruit salad with raspberries, red plum slices and clementine slices. I added an adorable giraffe pick for easy cuteness. The top tier held 2 silicone muffin cups with a sliced cocoa granola bar, and some alphabet pretzels. Easy and cute!


This goodbyn bynto was for Camden’s morning nutrition break. The top section held a homemade blueberry muffin and a peeled clementine orange with an adorable leaf pick. The middle section held a goodbyn drinking bottle filled with milk. I placed an ice pack sheet underneath the milk to keep it ice cold. The bottom section held 3 fresh strawberries.


And finally, an easy lock and lock bento for Cam’s morning nutrition break. I placed silicone muffin cups in 2 of the squares for added colour and fun! I square held a minigo yogurt, another square held sliced kiwi, another square held a box of raisins, and the last square held a sliced granola bar.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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4 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

    1. Jill

      I bought my silicone muffin cups from a local grocery store – superstore or YIG if you’re in Canada. I bought them last year though and haven’t seen them lately! I have, however, seen very similar ones at the dollar store in Canada. They have green, purple, gray and black in the square and flower shapes.


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