this week in bento boxes – Christmas edition

This is being posted a little later than I intended, but I’ve been so sick this weekend it’s been hard to get my act together. This post will be short on the writing, but I wanted to show you guys some of the fun bento boxes the kiddos had this past week! I hope everyone else is having a better weekend than me.


This adorable little lunch was packed for both Kirsten and Camden for their afternoon nutrition breaks. Cam didn’t get to enjoy his though because my poor little guy had gastro this week too. This bento was packed in our beloved 4 square lock and lock. I removed the upper two boxes and placed half a ham sandwich up there. I cut “FA LA LA” out of fruit leather and my mini alphabet cutters and placed some adorable music note picks in the sandwich. The bottom boxes held purple silicone muffin cups with mini pretzel twists, gingerbread man cheese slices and sliced baby carrots.



The kids had these matching santa bento’s for their afternoon nutrition breaks packed in their trudeau fuel everest sandwich boxes. They had a circle-cut chicken sandwich who had a red bell pepper hat and mozza cheese details cut using a variety of cookie cutters. I used 2 pink sprinkles for the cheeks and black food marker for the eyes and mouth. The box also held silicone muffin cups of sliced baby carrots and sliced cucumbers.



This fun little bento was for the kiddos morning nutrition break. I peeled the labels off a couple yogurt drinks too and decorated the bottles with sharpies to make them look like snowmen! The kids just LOVED this. And it was so simple too. The bento was packed in the four-square lock and lock and held red jello, a peeled clementine orange, a silicone cup of snowflake-cut cucumbers and a silicone cup with a sliced cereal bar and snowflake pick.


This adorable little present bento was for the kids afternoon nutrition break. It was packed in a red/green two-tier bento box. The top tier held a present sandwich. I cut a sandwich into a rectangle shape and used cheese slices and cheesestring to make the ribbon and bow. The top tier also held a peeled clementine orange. The bottom tier held some sliced cucumbers with a cute tree pick.



Here are a couple more matching bento boxes the kiddos had for their afternoon nutrition break. They had a circle cut ham sandwich with an adorable pick stuck in the middle – Cam had a reindeer and Kirsten had Santa. The bottom tier also held a silicone muffin cup with mini pretzel twists. The top tiers held holly-cut cucumbers and red pomegranate seed “berries”.


And finally, an easy lock and lock bento for their morning nutrition break that really isn’t Christmas-y, but I threw an adorable marshmallow snowman in there! The boxes held cherry jello, a silicone muffin cup with a sliced cereal bar, a silicone muffin cup with sliced kiwi, and a silicone muffin with with a marshmallow snowman. I used an adorable hat pick and food-safe markers to draw on the details.

This is what I used to make these lunches:

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7 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes – Christmas edition

  1. Tryna

    Jill, I love your blog and the fabulous lunches you create. I was wondering what type of lunch boxes your children use. I ordered one of the Goodbyn bynto boxes but it was pretty large and didn’t fit in my daughter’s current lunchbox. Do your kids have one all purpose box? Thanks so much!

    1. Jill

      Hi Tryna! Do mean mean like a lunch bag?? My kids have 2 each. They have a skip hop lunch bag (the cute animal ones) which hold their smaller bento boxes and then they have the EasyLunchboxes lunch bag. This bigger ones holds the easylunchboxes as well as the goodbyn bynto that you just bought. I hope that helps!


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