make your own REAL snow cones!



I live in Canada and despise the Winter. This time of year it’s freezing cold and there is way too much snow for my liking. We’ve even had a pretty mild winter this year, and I still can’t stand it! I’m constantly looking for fun Winter activities for the kids though – I can only stay inside and try to hibernate for so long before the kiddos want to get out!! A couple weekends ago I decided to have some snow cone fun with the kiddos. We made our own snow cone syrup, gathered clean and fresh snow from outside and made our own snow cones. The kids LOVED this. Definitely a fun Winter activity that I highly recommend.

This is what you’ll need:



To make your own snow cone syrup:

1 package of unsweetened kool-aid – any flavour
2 cups of granulated sugar
1 cup of water.

Heat the sugar and water together over medium heat in a saucepan until it boils. Boil the mixture until all the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is clear (a couple minutes). Stir in the kool-aid until completely dissolved and remove from heat. Set aside to cool completely. Place in a squirt bottle and refrigerate until needed.

* the snow cone syrup takes a while to make, so you may want to make it the day before so it’s ready to go. The syrup has to be cold before you pour it on your snow cones or it will melt the snow (obviously) *

Grab some fresh and clean snow from outside and scoop it into small cups. Drizzle the syrup over the snow until well saturated. Serve with a spoon or straw.



So easy, so sugary and so much fun! The recipe made quite a bit of syrup and it stores beautifully in the fridge until next time you need it! Seeing as I still have at least 3 more months of Winter here, I think we’ll be enjoying this treat often!

Of course you can enjoy this treat if you don’t live anywhere with snow by just crushing some ice!

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9 thoughts on “make your own REAL snow cones!

  1. Maria

    Could do with some snow right about now…got to 113F in Australia today. Its 9pm here and still 100F. these snow cones would be perfect to cool down with :)

  2. Durell

    This was the most fabulous thing I have ever tasted in my whole lifetimeee! I LOOOOOVEEEEEDDDD IT, THANKS GIRLY! MWAHH

  3. kim brassard

    where did you get the cups the snow cones are in? If you dont rememeber can you at least tell me what the cups are call so i can google it?

    thank you


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