this week in bento boxes

Back to school = back to bento-making. I’m not going to lie, I did enjoy my little break from making school lunches. It was nice to get back to routine this week too though. The kids NEEDED to get back to routine. Here are some recent bento boxes I’ve made, as well as a couple new boxes!


Here’s a fun new bento box I got for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break. It’s a circle-dome shaped box with 2 tiers each with their own lid to keep everything separate. It also comes with an included ice pack that fits on the inside to help keep everything cold! In the top tier I put a sliced cereal bar, and in the bottom tier I put flower-cut cantaloupe and kiwi with some blackberries. I used a cute flower stem pick in it too! Kirsten loves this new container!


Here’s another colourful bento for my kiddo’s morning nutrition break. One tier held a lovely fruit salad with orange segments, raspberries, plums and a cute pick. The other tier held rectangle silicone muffin cups with a sliced granola bar and alphabet pretzels.


This was a fun lunch packed in our Easylunchbox for the kiddos afternoon nutrition break. I used a dino sandwich cutter to make the sandwich (it makes 2, so each kid got one). I also added a cute little sun made of cheese and carrot. The other sections held a silicone muffin cup filled with yogurt covered pretzels and sliced cucumbers with an adorable tree trunk pick.

For those who love their EasyLunchboxes, they’ve come out with 4 new bright colours:

I definitely plan on getting them!



Here’s another fun new bento box I bought. It’s an adorable froggy-shaped box with an included froggy ice pack that goes on top. It’s really awesome and the kids have really enjoyed this box. It has 2 tiers – 1 tier held a circle-cut sandwich with a keroppi the frog (from Helly Kitty) on top. I also snuck in a few baby tomatoes and pretzel twists. The other tier held flower cut cucumbers and carrots.


And lastly, a bento for the kids morning nutrition break packed in our favourite steeltainer. One section held a rectangle silicone muffin cup with a sliced granola bar, and the other section held flower-cut cantaloupe with a cute pick!

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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11 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. Modern Day Mummying

    Jill you’ve convinced me to try this kind of styling for my girls’ lunchbox! She’s not a fan of sandwiches so I’m going to have to explore many options… I’m loving the flower cut out shape :)

    Sophie xo

  2. The Nem's!!

    Okay….when your kids outgrow these awesome lunches (could they ever???), I want to buy your entire collection! So fun!!! For a first-timer which lunch container would you recommend as the must have and most used?

    1. Jill

      Thank-you so much! It’s so hard for me to pick a favourite because I like so many of the boxes I use for different reasons. If you’re looking for smaller meals and snacks, I really like the colourful two-tier boxes I use (pink, blue, green, orange) as well as my steeltainer snack containers. For bigger lunches I love Easylunchboxes and some of my specialty boxes – hello kitty, lock and lock 4 square, goodbyn bynto, etc. I hope that helps!

    1. Jill

      Hi! Which carrots are you referring to?? If you’re talking about the carrot circles that I usually pack in the bento boxes, I’m just slicing baby carrots with a knife. That’s it! Or maybe you’re talking about something else. Please let me know if that didn’t answer your question!


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