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On February 6th, I celebrated my 3 year blog anniversary. To celebrate that, I wanted to put together an awesome bento giveaway for you guys – and here it is! I picked out some of my most favourite brand new bento supplies and included them in this awesome giveaway.

Here is a bento box I made using only supplies included in this giveaway (not including the food, lol!):


Pretty cute if I do say so myself! And this is just one possibility. There are soooo many different supplies included in this giveaway, the bento possibilities are really endless. Let me show you what I’ve included in this giveaway:


I’ll break down what the products are here:



This is a set of four fabulous Easylunchboxes in the new bright colours – the lids are pink, purple, yellow and teal. Easylunchboxes are amazing and really easy to pack! You’re going to love them and the bright new colours.



You’ll also get a brand new set of cutezcute bento cutters. This bento cutter set is absolutely awesome and incredibly easy to use. You can use it to make an adorable kitty, froggy, panda bear and piggy. These are so cute, you’re just going to love them! In the bento above I used this to make the bear sandwich shapes – but this cutter set can really do SOOOO much more than that!


This is a brand new bento cutter set that I just got and I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you guys. It has a cutter to make a squirrel and bunny, as well as smaller cutters to make bear faces, lion faces and bunny faces. It also includes 5 different face cutters. This set is so awesome! I used this cutter set in the bento above to make the bear faces on the sandwiches as well as the bear face on the babybel cheese.


This is another new bento product I’ve tried that I loved so much I wanted to share with you guys! It has 4 adorable animal ear picks so you can turn basic food into cute little animals. It also includes 4 small bento cutters to make cute animal faces. I used this set in the bento above to add bear ears to my adorable bear babybel cheese. The kids thought these picks were adorable!!


Here’s another bento favourite of mine that I have been using for years. These little cutter sets are absolutely fabulous and I’ve been using them for a couple years and they still look brand new! I used this cutter set in the bento above for cutting flower-shaped carrots. There are so many cutters included in this set though and so many more possibilities!


Here’s a new pick set I like and thought you would love too. It includes some adorable bear and bunny food picks, as well as a set of rock, paper, scissor hand picks. I absolutely love cute food picks because it’s one way to make a bento cute in literally seconds. In the bento above, I put a cute little bear pick in with the cucumbers and flower-shaped carrots.


And last, but certainly not least is this adorable set of silicone baran flowers. I just love baran because it’s another bento tool that cutens your bento up in seconds. These silicone baran flowers are beautiful, reusable and wonderful. I used them in the main compartment with the bear sandwiches to add instant colour and beauty!

That’s it! You’ll receive all of the above items, brand new, and shipped right to your door. I’m purchasing all of the items from Bento USA by All Things for Sale and they ship worldwide – so this bento contest is open to everyone!

There are multiple ways to enter using rafflecopter below! Each entrant can have up to 6 entries! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who are interested to purchase, these are the items:

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377 thoughts on “bento giveaway!!

  1. Lex

    These are so cute! I have been looking at all of your posts lately, trying to debate if making my girl’s lunches will make her more likely to eat them. Congrats on 3 years!

  2. Jo-Anne

    This giveaway is so exciting! I’ve started collecting some Bento supplies for the fall when my oldest starts kindergarten, but I don’t have any of these. Fingers and toes crossed! =)

  3. Sow Cute!

    Ooohw wow! Wat a great give away! I didn´t respond on the last post of youre 3 years anniversery, so congrats! I love to win this complete set, it´s so awesome… Good luck!

  4. Melpower

    I have not seen most of your Bento tools, are the pkg of vegatable/fruit cuters plastic? it is all so cute!, have a 9 yr old girl with gluten issues. And have been packing lunches for her and all of your things would make it a lot more enjoyable.

  5. Andrea

    Happy Anniversary!!! 3 years is amazing and I love following your blog. I’m in Ahh of you creative bentos. I am also a fellow Canadian living in N.S. on the ocean. My favorite bento supply would be the silicone food dividers. My daughter is starting school in September and this awesome kit would make her so happy

  6. Jen

    Wow! This is an amazing giveaway – my favourite is the bento cutters. Although I’m not sure I could resist using them for my lunch too!

  7. Cdnxpat

    You are simply amazing! Thank you for sharing all that you do. I love almost everything you use from the simple to the more elaborate but the picks are probably my fav. Cute, easy, and my daughters love them.

  8. Bethany

    My favorite easy bento item is my sandwich cutters! I also really like the egg shapers- you put a hot hard boiled egg into it and it presses a face onto the egg.

  9. Angelica

    I like the cutters in the shape of the cute animals. My baby girl starts kindergarten this year I’m super excited to be able to make her cute lunches like you do.

  10. Amy

    I have been wanting to get into bento boxes for a while, but didn’t know where to start. This would be a perfect way to begin. I hope I win so that I can learn the beauty and joy of bento lunches. :)

  11. Laureen

    LOVE the CuteZCute set, if I won this I would pass that set on for someone else to love and I would keep all the other cute things in the prize pack!


  12. Anne

    I like my simple flower and heart cookie cutters that I use to pretty up my girl’s lunches, but I would love to try something new. :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. Jen

    I don’t have a whole lot of supplies, so my favorite is probably my square silicon muffin cups. I’d love to have more to make my kids’ lunches cute!

  14. Kate

    I’ve recently ordered a bunch of bento supplies based on your recommendations. My daughter starts school in September and I’m ready to start giving her some cool lunches. I would love the lunchboxes, the colours are so cool and they would be great for making a bunch of lunches for the week ahead.

  15. Jamy

    Awesome giveaway! I love the picks! Congrats on your anniversary! I was sure you’d been arouund longer than 3 years! I’ve enjoyed every post!

  16. Ilona

    Can’t believe it, but I have none of these yet! My husband would freak out if I won, because he thinks one shelf is enough. REALLY! I love making cute lunchboxes for my boys, so they would be well-used here :)

  17. Tiphaine

    I hav been following your bento menu for some weeks now and I just love those cute ideas !! I have starting for the smallest man of my life !! Thanks for the delicious inspiration !!!

  18. Charli

    Such an adorable giveaway! I think those cutters would be really practical, I would also use them as cookie cutters but I think everything included in this giveaway is awesome! =)
    Greetings from Austria,

  19. Nozomi

    I love the cherry blossom silicone separator thing’ems! I have the normal shaped (grass-looking) ones that are used every day in my son’s bento.

    Sharing a funny from last year: At preschool, they spent a few days teaching kids about trash and recycling. At lunchtime, they were separating trash and recyclables from their lunchboxes. Mine had to “borrow” trash from a friend because he has a fabric lunch bag, plastic bento box, normal reusable utensils, the silicone separator thingems (reusable) and a thermos for his drink. I LOVE bento accessories! <3

  20. Eileen

    Adore my boiled egg molds. So fun and my grandchildred loved them andwere so excited to receive some and other bento goodies for Christmas! Great giveaway! Thanks so much and have a great day

  21. Bill

    We moved this January and I haven’t fully unpacked the kitchen so I am missing my bento supplies. My favorite items are the tiny cookie cutters. I recently found one in Kansas City that was a frog wearing a crown. I love to use them to cut cheese and cucumbers for my kiddos preschool snack.

  22. Tanya M

    Sandwich and cookie cutters. Cute food picks are very important, too. :)
    Thank you for the giveaway and Congratulations on your blog anniversary!!! Wishing you (and us) many many more! Your blog is absolutely awesome!!!

  23. Barbara Mazzotta

    I’ve just started doing “cute” lunches for my girls and they love them (and so do the teachers at school) but I don’t have any of these tools (I’ve never even seen them in any stores around here) They’d make me look like “mom of the year!” :)

  24. kcb

    I am a big fan of EasyLunchboxes (have containers and totes) but I don’t have any good bento stuff. I love the cutters and punches. Will probably buy some even after this giveaway, but winning some would be even better. My 3 kids never…NEVER…buy the school lunch, and I need to “cut” the boredom from our homey lunches. Will be back to visit for sure. :)

  25. Lori

    Not sure if my comment posted, so I’ll leave another one..I don’t have bento supplies, but I do have a sandwich cutter so that would be my fave!

  26. Isabella Defesche

    My favorite would have to be the food cutters. I am really into making my son’s food into shapes and faces. My mom used to do the same for me so doing it for my own child brings me such infinite joy.

  27. Mamma Disorganizzata

    Nice to know you! I find now your blog, jumping through more blogs.
    Happy 3rd Anniversary to your blog!!! How many ideas are inside it? More and more and more…
    I love bento, and your blog is full of ideas. Your bento meals are so simple but fantastic! \^_^/
    Wonderful giveaway, it’s the best for start to make bento box. My favourite is the cuteZcute, I like pets, they are so cute!!
    Bye bye, and sorry if I made mistakes, but I don’t speak (write) english so well! (I am italian)

  28. Katie

    These are sooo cute! I’m new (and old) to bento lunches :) . I used to sort of bento (without knowing what it was called) for my oldest, and now that I have two in school, I want to get back to it :) .


  29. Kaycee

    Oh fun! I really want to try some of this for my almost five year old. It will be our first year of packing lunches next year (eek!) because daycare has always taken care of lunch!

  30. Kaycee

    I don’t have a favorite bento supply because I really don’t have much yet – I do have some candy eyes I have used on “starfish” cookies and such. So probably those? :)

  31. redrob123

    I’ve played around a little with some items found in the stores here, but nothing like you do! I’d love to have some of these to really kick things off. I love the cutecute animal friend cutters!

  32. tara

    i’m new to your site and love it so much. we’ve been using bento boxes for this school year to keep our son’s paleo lunches fun and easy. your site has so many wonderful ideas to spice up what i’ve already got going on! thank you. my fav is the sandwich cutters. we don’t eat bread but they are so cute i may just make some paleo bread just so i can use them!!!

  33. Danelle

    I started doing bento boxes for my daughter’s lunches at preschool this year. I had stumbled across your blog & you were my inspiration! I bought an initial set of supplies from allthingsfor sale, but these additional supplies would make her lunches so much more fun!

  34. 9's Divine

    I have shared your blog with our MOPS group to help beat the winter blues and give the moms ideas to help their picky eaters. And I love that you show different ways to dress up the foods…some quite simple and others more involved and elaborate.

  35. Lisa

    I will be so excited if I win! I keep thinking I’ll get around to gettin some things and starting to experiment, but just haven’t done it. This would be just the push I need. :)

  36. 13ecky

    I just stumbled on your blog and Bento boxes. Since I am late to the game, I havent tried any of the product so I don’t have a favorite. With that being said I would be excited to try any of the products.

  37. Robyn Cook

    I’m excited about starting a new Bento collection. I have a few of the small boxes, and picks that I use right now, but I’d love to expand my collection and try more new things!


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