fun food friday: crazy lip lady!


I haven’t done a fun food friday in awhile, so here’s a funny one! Lip pops strike again. I’ve made quite a few fun lunches using lip pops – see them here. In my last visit to our local bulk food store, I found yet another variety of lip pops to play with. They were with all the Valentine’s candy! I’m loving these lip pops. After you’re done eating the lollipop, just wash the base and you’re left with an awesome sandwich and fun food decoration.

This is what the lip pop packaging looks like:


I got some red and pink lips!

And here is how I made this silly little fun food friday: I cut a chicken sandwich into a circle using my wilton comfort grip circle cutter. I stuck the lip pop lips on the sandwich and used some mini cutters to cut some eyes and eyebrows out of mozza cheese. I used my food safe markers to dot on the eyes. The cheeks are sprinkles and the hair is curly cheesestrings. So easy and got a good laugh from my kiddos!


Here are some of the supplies I used to make this lunch:

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