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I am beyond thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented Jennifer Tyler Lee of Crunch a Color and Kelly Lester who is the amazing creator behind EasyLunchboxes to bring you this Healthy Lunch Challenge. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Crunch a Color game in the mail so I could try it out with my kids. Unfortunately, mail sometimes takes a little longer to get to Canada and can get caught up in customs and such and I’m a tad late to the game. Better late than never though, right?!

Getting your kids to eat healthy is so important, but it definitely can be a challenge as well. That’s the genius behind the Crunch a Color game. Kids can earn points for eating a healthy balanced meal which consists of 1 healthy grain, 1 protein, and at least 3 colors. It’s that easy and makes healthy eating fun for kids! My kids adored picking out the foods that would be included in their lunch and saw it as a challenge to rack up the points and try to beat each other. As a mama, I can’t complain about that!

The Crunch a Color game looks like a deck of cards. The cards are broken into different categories – healthy grains, proteins, and colors. Different foods can have different point values. For example a red strawberry is worth 5 points, but a red tomato is worth 10! You can also earn extra points by incorporating a healthy liquid (water, milk), trying a new food and displaying good manners, etc.

Here’s what the game looks like:




Jennifer also came up with another brilliant game called Conversation Starters. This game is a great way to bring conversation to the family dinner table to help kids share their thoughts and make dinner time more enjoyable! The game has 104 conversation cards and my family has been thoroughly enjoying the added mealtime conversation!

Here are some of the lunches my kiddos and I came up with for this Healthy Lunch Challenge:


First up is this gorgeous lunch packed in our new brights EasyLunchboxes. The main section held a whole-wheat wrap filled with spinach, fresh rotisserie chicken, dried cranberries, and plain organic cream cheese. I like wrapping the wraps up in a napkin to make it easier for little hands to hold. The other sections held cucumber and carrot spears, and watermelon-cut stars with blueberries.

Healthy grain – whole wheat tortilla
Protein – fresh rotisserie chicken and organic cream cheese
3 colors (at least) – GREEN spinach and cucumber, RED dried cranberries and watermelon, ORANGE carrots, BLUE blueberries

I served the lunch with some water (an extra 5 points) to bring this lunch a total of 65 points!


Next up is another gorgeous lunch packed in a brights EasyLunchbox. The main section held a delicious salad with baby spinach, sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges and sliced red onion. The smaller sections held a whole grain roll with fresh rotisserie chicken and some sliced kiwi.

Healthy grain
– whole grain roll
Protein – fresh rotisserie chicken
3 colors – GREEN baby spinach and kiwi, RED strawberries and red onion, ORANGE mandarin oranges

Again, I added a bottle of water to give me an extra 5 points which brought this lunch to a total of 65 points!


Here we have a healthy and easy lunch packed in a classic EasyLunchbox. This lunchbox is meatless so you can see that you can still eat a healthy balanced meal, even without meat! The main section held flatbread veggie pizzas. I used 2 slices of whole grain flatbread and spread some fresh organic cream cheese on them. Then I put some fresh healthy veggies on the pizzas – broccoli, baby tomatoes and sliced carrots. The other compartments held cucumber spears and baby tomatoes, and fresh plain greek yogurt with raspberries.

Healthy grain – whole grain flatbread
Protein – plain greek yogurt and organic cream cheese
3 colors – GREEN broccoli and cucumber, RED baby tomatoes and raspberries, ORANGE carrots

By adding a water to this lunch (5 points), this lunch came to a total of 55 points!


And lastly, another delicious lunch packed in a bright EasyLunchbox. The main compartment held a container of chicken salad with whole wheat tortilla chips for dipping. To make the chicken salad I used fresh rotisserie chicken, sliced celery, sliced red grapes, greek yogurt and a splash of lemon juice. Mix until blended. To make the whole wheat tortilla chips, I cut 2 tortillas into triangles and baked them for 10 minutes at 350F. They are nice and crisp and really healthy! The other sections held carrot and celery spears and a bunch of red grapes. Yum!

Healthy grain – whole wheat tortilla chips
Protein – fresh rotisserie chicken and greek yogurt
3 colors – GREEN celery , ORANGE carrots, RED grapes

Again, by adding a water to the lunch (5 points) I was able to bring this lunch to a total of 45 points!

Thank-you so much to Jennifer and Kelly for allowing me to participate in this Healthy Lunch Challenge!

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11 thoughts on “healthy lunch challenge

  1. B123

    Wow! These all look really good. Can’t wait to try some of your ideas for my five year old. Hoping to expand his lunch variety. Your blog is awesome. Thank you!

  2. Merg

    PLEASE tell me where to buy crunch a color in Canada? They just stopped selling it everywhere – indigo, amazon.ca. I can only find it on amazon.com, but they won’t ship to my address. I want to buy it!


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