how to make your own yogurt drinks


My kids love yogurt drinks. The problem is I hate to buy them because they’re pretty expensive and Cam goes into the fridge and steals them. I can’t keep them in the fridge for more than a couple days. I found the solution to this was to buy yogurt and milk (which I always have on hand), and make my own! It’s cheaper, it’s easy and the kids drink them right up. I don’t find them as sweet as the regular yogurt drinks, but my kids don’t seem to mind – I think that’s a good thing. Less sugar makes me happy! You’re not going to believe how easy this is:

Gather your supplies. That’s right – just yogurt and milk. You’re also going to need some drink containers. I saved some from some of the yogurt drinks I have bought (yay for recycling!) and I also have some goodbyn bynto drink containers that are great. I like the bottles with the screw cap lids because my kids can open them easily.



Next, fill your bottle a little less than half way full of yogurt.


Then fill your bottle (leaving some space at the top so you can shake it) with milk.


Close the lid and give it a good shake.


If you find it too thick, you can add more milk. If you find it too liquidy, add more yogurt. It’s that easy. Like I said earlier, they aren’t as sweet as store-bought yogurt drinks because they don’t have any added sugar. My kids are good with that, if you want it a little sweeter you could add some sugar, or honey, or flavoured drink syrup.


This is going to save me money, and I won’t have little thieves stealing yogurt drinks out of the fridge anymore. It’s a win-win. If the kids want one, I can whip one up in seconds. It’s a marvelous life :-)

Here are a couple bento boxes with these yogurt drinks too. As long as you have an insulated lunch bag with ice packs, these will stay nice and cold for your kiddos to drink.



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16 thoughts on “how to make your own yogurt drinks

  1. Keri Ronk

    So smart! I should have thought of this! My kids will be so grateful to you! I rarely buy yogurt drinks because they are so expensive and they drink them so quickly!

    1. Jill Dubien

      I’m not really sure about that? I usually only use my blender when I’m making drinks with ice or frozen fruits. If you’re just mixing yogurt and milk, I’m not sure if it would just be way too messy. Too much liquid I think.

  2. robyn

    What types of containers are these? For my daughter the container is the most vital aspect in making this work. I sure would love to stop buying the expensive yogurt drinks!

    1. Jill Post author

      Hi Robyn! Most of the containers pictured are actually yogurt drink containers. I purchased yogurt drinks from the grocery store (ones with twist lids and not the tin foil top) and then washed and re-used them. They’re great!

  3. Chritsi

    I’ve been super sick and all I’ve wanted to do is shove yogurt down my throat, but I found myself as an artist with spoon in hand more than pen! This was a great solution, and I’m so agitated it took me so long to go “hey, I wonder if someone has a way for me to drink this…”. Thanks for the great How-To!!


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