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Happy Sunday! I had planned to do some Earth-day themed bento boxes last week to help celebrate Earth day, which is tomorrow. Well, it didn’t happen. I didn’t plan before I went grocery shopping, and then I just wasn’t feeling the motivation. The kids still had cute lunches nonetheless, but nothing that screams ‘love the earth’, lol. Here are some of the bento boxes that my kids did enjoy this week though:


Kirsten loves Hello Kitty, so I like surprising her with a Hello Kitty lunch every once in awhile. This Hello Kitty bento box has 2 sections, it’s super easy to open and close and it’s pretty great. In the smaller section I used a new kitty container I just got and filled it with sliced baby carrots. The kitty shape of this container looks just like the outline of Hello Kitty’s face. There are so many cute things I could do with it!! I also put some mini pretzel twists to fill this section. In the larger section, she had a circle cut ham sandwich with a hello kitty ring stuck in for decoration. There were 2 fresh strawberries with bow picks and a few sliced cucumbers. So cute and fun!


Of course I couldn’t make Kirsten a Hello Kitty lunch without making Cam a lunch of his favourite character – Spiderman!! I packed this lunch in an EasyLunchbox. The larger section held a circle cut ham sandwich with a spiderweb decoration and a spider ring. I filled the rest of the area with mini pretzel twists. The other sections held cut cucumbers with a spiderman ring pick and a Spiderman Easter Egg filled with baby carrots – see below:


He absolutely loved it!


This sweet little Spring bento was for Kirsten’s morning nutrition break and packed in our Lunchbots pico. One section held flower-cut cantaloupe with flower picks. The other section held a silicone muffin cup with a sliced granola bar and goldfish pretzel crackers.


These cute little steeltainer snack containers were for the kid’s morning nutrition break. In one section they had alternating slices of orange and fresh pineapple rings (sliced in half) – I stuck in a cute little pick to make it cuter in an instant. The other section held a silicone muffin cup with a sliced granola bar.


And finally, another morning nutrition break packed in our steeltainer snack container. I used some of my favourite mini silicone cups and put them in the body of the steeltainer – I just removed the removable steel divider. I packed sliced kiwi in the pea pod, sliced orange in the orange cup, and sliced red plum in the cherry cup. I also packed a Quaker oatmeal-to-go bar on the side.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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