cute snack idea: frozen yogurt shapes


I’ve seen this idea all over the internet, and I had to share it with you guys in case you haven’t seen it yet. If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen this picture. This is a pic of a snack my kiddos enjoyed a couple weeks ago. You can pour yogurt into silicone ice cube molds and freeze them. When they are completely frozen, the shapes will pop right out. They make great little bite-sized frozen yogurt treats for kiddos! You can make them in any shape mold you can find, any yogurt flavor and even put some colouring in them if you wish. You can even make them in your kids favourite characters if you want to earn some extra points with them! Really easy, really fun, and the kids love them!

Here is the one I used!

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10 thoughts on “cute snack idea: frozen yogurt shapes

    1. Jill Dubien

      They don’t melt super fast, but fast enough that this is a great snack for home. If you packed them in a lunch box or something, they would melt back into regular yogurt, which wouldn’t be bad. It would actually help keep the yogurt stay really cool.

    1. Jill Dubien

      They melt fast enough that this would be a good snack enjoyed at home. If you packed them in a lunch box, they would melt back into regular yogurt by the time lunch arrived. It would however keep the yogurt nice and cool in the lunch box, so not necessarily a bad idea :-)


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