A fish in the sea Yubo


I’ve got another super cute Yubo for you guys tonight. It’s a great lunch box and I’ve been having a lot of fun packing it. Here’s my ‘fish in the sea’ Yubo:



In the large sandwich container I cut a sandwich into a fish shape using an Easter egg shaped cutter. I used sliced baby carrots to add the details on the fish – cream cheese helps hold the details in place. I also used an icing eye for the eye. Sliced cucumbers became grass in the water – and again, they are held in place using dabs of cream cheese. I filled one of the smaller containers with blueberries (water), and the other with goldfish crackers. So cute and so easy!

Stay tuned for more another Yubo tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “A fish in the sea Yubo

  1. Karen

    I have done several ocean or fish themed lunches before, but I never dreamed of using carrots for the fish’s scales. This is just so cute!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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