this week in bento boxes – finishing off the year

Yay!!! As of Thursday, school is officially out for the summer. The kids are thrilled, and I’m thrilled. I’ve had another successful year of making my kids healthy bento-style lunches and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I’m also happy to have a little break from making school lunches too though! The summer is a great time to take a little break so my creativity is nice and fresh for the Fall again. Here are some recent bento boxes the kids have had, as well as some not so recent ones – I wanted to post some of the ones I liked but I never got a chance to post yet. Enjoy!


Here’s a recent bento that the kiddos enjoyed at home. Couldn’t send this one to school because I put peanuts in it! Sometimes my kids like to have bento lunches at home on the weekends too! This is packed in our new yumbox, which I absolutely adore!! There was a section of fresh peanuts, a section of puzzle-cut peanut butter sandwiches (using our puzzle lunch punch), some fancy-cut cucumbers, some puzzle-shaped watermelon slices and some sliced cheesestrings. I added a marshmallow with a fun face on it (drawn with food-safe markers) in the small circular treat section.


This fun hello kitty bento was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. She had a flower-cut sandwich in one section with an adorable piece of hello kitty baran on top. In the other section I put sliced cucumbers and carrots, and sliced starfruit. I added a couple alphabet picks for hello kitty (HK) and a cute bow pick for decoration.


This cute doggy bento was for Cam’s afternoon nutrition break and packed in our blue two-tier bento box. The top tier held sliced cucumbers with a cute doggy pick. The bottom tier held a circle-cut sandwich with a piece of dog baran, and cubed marble cheese and crackers.


Here’s another yumbox packed for the kiddos afternoon nutrition break. There was fresh rotisserie chicken with a cute elephant pick, mini pretzel twists, flower-cut cucumbers, sliced kiwi, vanilla yogurt with fresh raspberries and some raisins in the middle! Healthy, nutritious and packed full of delicious foods!


Here’s a fun EasyLunchbox that Cam had for his afternoon nutrition break. The largest section held a sealed-circle sandwich that I turned into a face with lettuce hair, cucumber ears, cheese eyes, carrot nose and tomato mouth. I finished the box off with fresh strawberries and sliced baby carrots in a flower silicone muffin cup.


Here’s another fun bento that Cam had for his afternoon nutrition break packed in our goodbyn bynto box. The top section held 2 mini circle-cut chicken sandwiches with cute elephant baran and a cheesestring. The middle section held some fresh vegetables with a cute elephant pick. The bottom section held fresh strawberries.


And here’s a fun EasyLunchbox that Kirsten had that fit for a princess! The main section held a princess crown sandwich cut with the princess crown lunch punch. I added a piece of fruit leather to the centre. The other sections held mini pretzel twists in a silicone muffin cup and crinkle-cut carrots.



Here’s a couple fun matching bento boxes that the kids had for their afternoon nutrition breaks packed in EasyLunchboxes. The main section held whole-wheat crackers and silicone muffin cups with sliced pepperoni and cubed marble cheese. The other sections held sliced cucumbers with a cute mushroom pick, and silicone muffin mushroom cups with sliced baby carrots.


And finally, a cute little tiger bento packed in our orange two-tier bento box. The top tier held sliced cucumbers with a cute tiger pick. The bottom tier held a circle-cut sandwich with a piece of tiger baran, and cubed marble cheese with crackers.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

The yumboxes aren’t in stock yet, but are expected to be hopefully by the end of this week. You can find them HERE.

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7 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes – finishing off the year

  1. Momma Jo

    How do you stop your beautiful lunches falling apart before the kids eat them? I can see all my hard work falling apart before lunch break. My son carries his bags from class to class every period.

    1. Jill Post author

      That’s a tough one. My kids bags stay in 1 place all day, so there is less moving around. A couple key things to keeping food stay in place is to pack your bento box tightly with food – empty space means room for food to move! If it’s packed tightly, it has no where to go. I use cream cheese to hold details in place – like faces on sandwiches, etc. Just a tiny dab goes a long way. Then I pack the kids lunches flat in their lunch bags, and then flat in their back packs. I try not to stand them up. I think those things make it pretty successful. Some things probably don’t stay in place sometimes, but the kids don’t seem to mind. They still eat everything up! I hope that helps!

  2. fanny

    Hey there! I just wish to give you a big thumbs up for the great
    info you have got here on this post. I will be returning to your blog for more soon.

    1. Jill Post author

      Thanks Tanya! That particular lunch box is called a yumbox. You can find buy them on Amazon, or directly on their website. I hope that helps!


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