this week in bento boxes

What a long week here! I’m going to enjoy this weekend and I hope to get a bit of relaxing in too – yeah right. Here are some recent bento boxes that my kiddo’s have enjoyed….


First up is a fun owl bento box that Kirsten had for her afternoon nutrition break. It was packed in one of our new bento boxes – a super cute owl one! The largest section held a sandwich with the crusts cut off and I used a new Birkmann owl cookie cutter to press an owl imprint on the bread. The other sections held some crackers and a silicone muffin cup with sliced cheesestring, and some cucumbers with a tree pick and flower-cut carrots.


Next up is a yummy yumbox bento that Cam had for his afternoon nutrition break. I am just love, love, loving these yumboxes. They are currently out of stock at Amazon due to the incredibly high demand, but will be back in stock soon. I highly recommend this box – I have one in green and 1 in pink! In the meat section I gave Cam 2 pizza fingers from the previous night’s dinner. The grains section held whole-grain mini pretzels and the veggie section held sliced pea pods and carrots. The dairy section held some yogurt, and the fruit section held some pineapple and blueberries with a cute pick. I finished the box off with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a little treat!


This easy little snack bento was packed in our Lunchbots duo container and was enjoyed by Kirsten for her morning nutrition break. One section held some sliced pineapple rings, some fresh raspberries, and a fresh strawberry with a cute ladybug pick. The other section held a blueberry muffin bar and some cute butterfly-shaped pretzels – made by Pepperidge farm. I think they were called “baked naturals.”


Here’s a fun lego bento box for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break. She had a sandwich with the crusts cut off and I put a cute piece of bunny baran on top for instant cuteness! She had a rectangle silicone muffin cup with sliced baby carrots and a cute bunny pick, some wheat thins crackers, and a small pink lego container filled with fruit snacks.


Finally, here’s a fun mustache man bento that Cam had for his afternoon nutrition break and it was packed in an EasyLunchboxes brights container. The main section held a full sandwich and I decorated him with banana and currant eyes, carrot nose, and a mustache ring pick. The other sections held sliced pea pods and baby carrots and a silicone muffin cup filled with blueberries.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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8 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes

  1. Sara

    Awesome bentos! Must get a Yumbox or two – love it ! Two more small and random questions… I have those small soy sauce containers with apples on the lid – cylinder shaped. You’ve shown them filled with veggie dip – how in the world did you get the dip in ? I tried with little success – ha! Also been meaning to ask where you get the butterfly crackers – regular ones, not the pretzels featured here. I am in Canada as well ! Thanks, S

    1. Jill Post author

      Thanks Sara! As for those small sauce containers – only runny dressings will work in those. I tried to put Ranch in them and it was definitely a fail. The butterfly crackers are made by Pepperidge farm (the same company that makes goldfish crackers). They are called Golden Butter. That being said though, I’ve never found them in Canada. I live in a city that borders with the U.S. and I buy them over there. I have no idea why I can’t seem to find them in Canada. If you see them, please let me know!

  2. Kelli

    Hi Jill-
    I have been following your blog for a while. It has been quite inspirational as I strive to make bento lunches for my toddler. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. I have used many of them as well as your links to build my bento collection. I noticed in many posts from this time period that you used square and rectangle silicone containers. I didn’t see any links to them and haven’t been able to find them online. Can you please share where you found these cups? I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks much,

    1. Jill Post author

      Hi Kelli! I actually bought the rectangle silicone muffin cups from a Canadian grocery store – Superstore. That’s why I don’t have a link to them online. Sorry!

      1. Kelli

        Thanks Jill- can’t find anything like them, and judging from your pics, they’d be the perfect size for a few of my boxes! I appreciate you taking the time to respond though. Thanks again!


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