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It’s that time of year again – back to school = back to bento-making for me. I’m not going to lie, I thoroughly enjoyed my bento-making break this summer. It’s so nice to get out of the daily bento routine, even if it’s just for a couple months. It also allows me time to get excited about bento making again and gives me time to get my creativity going again. I usually lose a little steam by the end of the school year and it’s nice to have the break to re-energize. I’m excited for back to school and all the fun and healthy bento lunches I’ll be making and my kiddos will be enjoying for this school year. Same as previous years, my kids have 2 daily nutrition breaks. They have a morning nutrition break where I pack them a smaller snack-like bento, and they have an afternoon nutrition break where I pack them a full lunch bento. It seems to work well for them. Again, there are nut and egg allergies in my kid’s classrooms, so we don’t be packing any of that stuff. Here are some of the back-to-school themed bento boxes the kiddos enjoyed this week:


Back to school also means back to riding the school bus for my kids. This was their first day of school bento. Kirsten’s was packed in an Easylunchbox and Cam had the Yubo. I used a car-shaped lunch punch to cut a turkey sandwich into a vehicle shape. Then I also used it to cut a piece of cheddar cheese for on top of the sandwich. I used some mini cutters to cut windows out of the bus and my mini alphabet cutters to cut the word BUS out of the cheese. I also used some cute people picks we have to have a driver and passengers on the bus! I flattened some dried blueberries to use as the wheels. The kids loved this.

Look at those cute little kids on the bus!


I also put a mini red silicone muffin cup filled with raspberries in the main section. I used a green pick to make it look like an apple. The other sections held alphabet pretzels, cucumbers, and Kirsten had red grapes. Each of the kids had a cute little bus pick too.

Here is Cam’s in the Yubo:


Such a fun lunch!!


This cute lunch was for Kirsten’s afternoon nutrition break and packed in one of our new lunchboxes – the owl good lunch box. She had a ham sandwich cut into an apple shape with a cute green leaf pick. I packed some carrot sticks and a container of yogurt in another section, and a silicone muffin cup with sliced cucumbers (with a bus pick) and some alphabet cheese crackers in the other section.

Cam had a very similar lunch that day:


His was packed in his icky bugs good lunch box. His lunch was relatively the same as Kirsten’s except his sandwich was cut into a rectangle shape and I used my S and K alphabet picks – for Senior Kindergarten – what my big boy is in this year!


This cute little snack was for the kid’s morning nutrition break and packed in another new lunch box – our apple-shaped box.


It was one removable/dividable section where I am able to put a breakfast bar. In the other section I put some fresh blueberries, and half an apple with a green leaf pick.


Here’s one final back to school lunch the kids enjoyed this week packed in an Easylunchbox. I used a circle sealed sandwich maker to make a circle-shaped sandwich and used a green leaf pick to make it look like an apple. I filled the empty space with green leaf silicone baran. The other sections held alphabet pretzels, sliced cucumbers, red grapes, and an apple sauce container filled with dressing for the cucumbers.

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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10 thoughts on “this week in bento boxes – back to school

  1. Kirsten

    Jill where did you order the Yubo from. I was going to order from the company but the shipping to Canada was as much as the box! Is there a Canadian company that sells them? The Yubo people gave me a website to check but I cant find Yubo on it at all. THanks!


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