Happy 5th Birthday Camden!


Today is my big guy’s 5th birthday! He’s really into Lego right now, so it really was a no-brainer to throw him a Lego birthday party. This year Camden wanted to have a birthday party with all his friends. That was a little out of my territory because both of my kids have had family-only birthday parties to date. I know they are getting of the age now where they will want to start having fun birthday parties with their friends though, so that’s what we did. We rented a huge indoor soccer field for the 1st hour of the party, and the second hour was all about Lego’s. We had a nice birthday party room booked in the soccer facility and we had all kinds of Lego fun. Cam had 15 of his friends and cousins there! Here are some fun tidbits from his party…..

I made these awesome decorations for super duper cheap – from stuff I bought at the dollar store. They sat in front of the main table in the party room. I used foam core boards, plastic party tablecloths, and small paper plates. I taped the tablecloth to the foam core board and then glued the plates on top. These were huge and made a big impact. All the parents and kids loved them and they only cost me $3 each to make. Score!


I spelled out CAMDEN in lego blocks and put it on his birthday table. The little lego minifigures held his ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ candles (see picture above). This looked really cool.


I made his invitation in photoshop using graphics I found online. It was pretty easy!


Here’s the birthday boy….


He’s wearing his new lego shirt that I made him. I got him a plain white long-sleeved shirt and ironed on a iron-on transfer of a yellow lego head. I wanted to find him a lego shirt but I couldn’t find one that I really liked. I made him one myself, and problem solved. He loves it and so do I. Bonus is that he can wear it all year now too.


I made all of the kids their own lego-man mask. I used a square yellow paper plate and cut eyes and a mouth out of black adhesive vinyl. I stuck the features on the face and glued a large popsicle stick on the back. The kids loved these!! Each kid brought one home from the party.



height="592" alt="legoparty10">

And here’s a few kids at the party with their masks….


At the party I set up a ‘MAKE YOUR OWN MINIFIGURE’ station and the loved it. I printed out blank minifigures and had buckets of crayons and the kids got to design their own minifigure. It was so much fun to see their designs!! I got the free printable HERE.







We also had a lego cookie making station. I used boxes of shortbread cookies, royal icing in wilton squeeze bottles and smarties. The kids had a lot of fun with this!





The last station at the party was a lego-building station. I made this lego buy storage head filled with Lego and the kids were able to build their own creations.


I made the cupcakes using a funfetti cake mix. I piped on white icing and sprinkled on colourful sprinkles – in lego colours. I dipped a white marshmallow in melted yellow candy melts and drew on a face with black food marker. These were really cute and a hit with the kids!



I used awesome Blokx candles at the party and they look just like Lego!


Now, on to the goody bags. I made the goody bags from yellow polka-dot bags from the dollar store and I printed lego heads on cardstock and cut them out.


Each of the boys got a lego city buildable pack, some homemade Lego crayons, a Lego can of playdoh, some m+m’s and a lollipop!


I made the crayons using peeled and broken Crayola crayons and Lego silicone molds. Place the broken crayon pieces in the molds and bake them at 250F for 8-10 minutes, or until melted. Wait for them to harden and cool completely and pop them out of the mold. These were really fun favours to make!




I also made the playdoh favours by wrapping small playdoh containers in yellow cardstock and drawing on a face with a black sharpie. Super easy.


Happy birthday Camden! You’re an amazing little boy and the joy and smiles on your face made planning this party totally worth it!


Here are some of the things I used for this party:

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6 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Camden!

  1. Sue

    This is awesome! What a party! I love your creativity!
    Also, it reminds me of when I did a Lego theme party for our youngest son when he was 10. (he’s 28 now) :)
    I made a cake to look like 3 Lego pieces, stacked. Goodie bags were so fun, decorations were a blast — the whole party was so fun to plan and prepare for! I was so pleased with the outcome of it. He still loves to do Lego projects to this day. (when he has the time) :) He’s done some very complicated and intricate ones.

    Jill, I’ve been subscribed to your blog for awhile and I really enjoy seeing all the creative things you come up with — especially for your kids, who BTW are so cute! It’s so sweet of you to put all the work into preparing their wonderful snacks and lunches for them. They are lucky to have a Mother like you. :)

    I love the Christmas Tree Veggie Pizza that you blogged about recently and decided to make them to give to neighbors, Drs. offices and people that have done things for us the past year. People LOVE them — the secretary in my one Drs. office wanted to know how to make them — so I directed her to your blog. Who knows, maybe you’ll get more followers! :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!


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