melted crayon ornaments


We make a homemade ornament for the tree every single year. It’s just a tradition that we do that I started when my kids were babies. This is our fifth year going strong, and I have to say, these are SOOOO pretty, they might be my favourite so far. I know I say that every year, but these are just so pretty. They’re easy to make, and they look brilliant. All the crayon drippings are INSIDE the ornament too, so there is ZERO mess! I swear you could buy these in fancy stores they’re so pretty! We made 18 of these beauties this past weekend and I already want to make more to give away. They would make a great gift if you can bear to part with any of them. Mine are all on my tree. Every single one of them! This is how you make them…


What You’ll Need

1 package of Crayola crayons – don’t cheap out here because the Crayola ones really do melt the best
a sharp craft knife
1 package of clear GLASS craft ornaments
a hair dryer
a pair of oven mitts of thick winter gloves



* My kids had fun picking out the crayon colours and putting the crayon pieces in the ornaments. I did the blow drying part because the glass ornaments can get quite hot! Please supervise children when performing this part of the craft!*

How to Make It

1. Take your crayons out of the box and, using your craft knife, peel the wrappers from the crayons. Once your crayons are peeled, cut your crayons into small pieces – about 6 pieces per crayon.



2. Take the silver top off your ornament and place 3-4 crayon pieces into the ball. Experiment with colour combinations and have fun!


3. Put the silver top back on the ornament and put on a thermal or winter mitt. Turn your hair dryer on high heat and hold your ornament in your gloved hand. Heat up the crayons until they start to melt and then swirl the ornament around in your hand so the colours swirl all over the inside of the ornament. Don’t melt the crayons completely, it will be too much. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, turn off the blow dryer heat.



4. Take the silver top back off the ornament, and turn the ornament upside down over a plate or bowl. Turn your hair dryer on once again and heat up the crayons until they fall out of the opening at the bottom and on to your plate or bowl. Put the silver top back on your ornament, and you’re done!


Here is a major picture overload of some of my favourite ornaments we made.







Happy Crafting!

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46 thoughts on “melted crayon ornaments

      1. Jill Post author

        Thanks Karen! I really think glass bulbs need to be used. A previous comment indicated that she used plastic bulbs and the crayon wasn’t sticking to the inside of the plastic bulb.

  1. Kate

    Beautiful! Your thoughts on an embossing tool instead of a hair dryer? Just wonder if that would work or be too hot?

    1. Jill Post author

      Thanks Kate! I’ve never used an embossing tool, so I’m not sure??? Does it get hotter than a hair dryer? The hair dryer works well because it blows the hot air on the ornament without the hot appliance having to touch the ornament.

  2. Ashleigh Hodges

    Hi Jill!
    I just found your blog and Wowza! What a great day to happen upon it! I love these ornaments — they are beautiful. My daughter and I are off to Michael’s to purchase some glass bulbs and use up a basket of broken crayolas! Thanks so much. -Ashleigh

    1. Jill Post author

      Oooo, I don’t have the box anymore so I don’t remember the exact size. They had 2 different sizes of clear bulbs there and I got the smaller of the two. They’d be gorgeous any size though. Have fun!

    1. Jill Post author

      My kids are 4 and 6 and I had them select the crayon colours for the ornaments and put the crayon pieces inside. I operated the hair dryer and they can help turn the ornament as long as they are wearing oven mitts or thick winter mitts. The bulbs get hot!

  3. deanna

    thanks so much for your post! we just made several of them and they turned out beautifully! my daughter had some glitter crayons that she donated to the project and it added a lot of sparkle :-)

    1. Jill Post author

      Yay! I’m so glad you loved them. The glitter crayons are a great idea too! I’m usually not a fan of glitter, but the mess would be totally contained in the ornament in this case. That’s awesome!

  4. Chris

    I’m doing this with 18 2nd graders next week! I am so excited to send home such a cute little handmade gift for the parents. Thanks for sharing such detailed directions and pictures!!

  5. Dianne

    My kids and I just made these for there cousins for Christmas.. We used plastic ornaments cause I didn’t want the glass ones to break.. The plastic ones worked good if you were careful and didn’t hold the heat on it to long or it would melt.. The problem I am having now is the crayon don’t seem to want to stay on the ornament.. I thought about spraying some clear glaze to see if that would work. Any idea on how to make it stay? Thanks

    1. Jill Post author

      Hi Dianne! I didn’t have that problem with the glass ornaments so I’m assuming the wax crayons aren’t adhering to the ornaments because they are plastic. I’m really not sure what you could use to get the crayon to stick to the inside because any sprays would be very difficult to get on through the small hole at the top of the ornament. Let me know if you come up with any ideas that may help my other readers who want to use plastic bulbs.

    1. Jill Post author

      My hair dryer is 1600 watts. Make sure you are directing the heat exactly where the crayon pieces are inside the ornament. It should really only take 1 minute max before the crayons really start getting melty. Each ornament probably took 2-3 minutes.

  6. Dephanie Caldwell

    I made these with my 3 year old grandson to give to his parents as a special gift just from him. He picked out the colors he wanted to do for Mommy & Daddy. He liked them so much he wanted to make one for me & Poppy (my husband). His other set of grandparents , his great grandparents & his uncle. All the people that he thought he would like to give a gift to. I wrote each persons name (what he calls them) & 2013 with a silver glitter pen on them & tied a silver piece of ribbon for hanging. He is so excited he has his own special gift to give everyone.

  7. Donna

    You say that you make them every year. Why? Do they last? Does the wax chip off if you hang on to the, from year to year?

    1. Jill Post author

      I make homemade ornaments with the kids every year – different ones every year. This is the first time we made these and they should last for years.


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