homemade bird feeder that kids can make!


I’m not going to lie, I’m a real bird nerd. I love feeding and watching the birds in my yard. We have several store-bought bird feeders up in our yard, but I thought the kids would like to make a beautiful homemade bird feeder for their feathered friends too. Birds need food all year around, but food sources can be especially scarce in the Winter. I make sure that my feeders are always full so the birdies won’t go hungry! This bird feeder was so simple to make, you just have to be patient while the water sets. The next day you can hang this homemade bird feeder outside and delight in watching the birds sneak a treat. I love that the wreath is set in ice, so not only are the little birdies getting a snack, but they are pecking at the ice too and probably enjoying a little drink at the same time. Because this bird feeder is set in ice, it’s for Winter climates only, below 0 degrees. Anything above that, and your lovely ice wreath bird feeder is going to melt! Not only is this wreath a great source of food for the birds, but it’s also beautiful to look at!



What You’ll Need



birdseed for outdoor Winter birds – I would say about 4 cups, but you may use more or less depending on the size of your pan
pine tree sprigs
boxwood leaves – they don’t wilt when they are frozen so they will stay beautiful in your wreath!
a bundt pan – mine was silicone

How To Make It

1. Take your bundt pan and place it on a flat surface.

2. Fill your bundt pan until it’s about 3/4′s full with all your ingredients – bird seed, cranberries, sticks, pine tree sprigs, boxwood leaves. It really doesn’t matter what order you put these in. The kids just kind of threw stuff in. When ours froze, the birdseed sunk to the bottom and the sticks, leaves and cranberries stayed on the top. That was okay because it looked beautiful.


3. When done filling your pan with the ingredients, fill it with water until it just covers the ingredients. Place your bundt pan either in the freezer – or place outside – until frozen.


4. When completely frozen (I waited until the next day), remove from pan, cut a piece of ribbon and hang the ribbon from the wreath. Hang your wreath outside and watch your little feathered friends!




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