A Ballerina Birthday Party

My sweet and adorable little Kirsten turned seven years old last Friday. I can’t believe I have a seven year old. Seven just sounds so old to me and I can’t possibly have a child that age. Where is the time going?! It’s so bittersweet watching my kids grow. This is Kirsten’s fourth year dancing (she started when she was 3) and her first year participating in competitive dancing. The year is almost over and she had an amazing year. When asked what type of birthday party she wanted this year, she said “a ballerina party” with no hesitation. I was thrilled. I danced competitively for many, many years myself and I love all things girly. I just knew I would have a blast planning this party and she would have a blast at the party! Let me show you some of the details…

This was going to be Kirsten’s first birthday party out of the home where all her friends would be invited. She chose Michael’s Craft store for the venue (because her second most favourite thing next to dancing is crafts, of course!)

I made the invitations in photoshop and I used beautiful ballerina graphics that I purchased on Etsy here. I love the tulle on the tutu for an added 3D effect!



She designed all of her friends their own personalized envelopes.


So we’re going to Michael’s craft store and we’re having a ballerina birthday party, but what craft should we make? I thought about this for a bit and ultimately decided that the girls would have a blast making their own tutus! It was a time-consuming task to prepare all the tulle and elastic ahead of time, but it was definitely worth it! I’ll share the tutorial we used to make the tutus later this week in a separate post.

I purchased all my rolls of tulle from Michael’s in 3 different colours – dark pink, light pink, and off-white. I cut each girl 20 pieces of each colour (so 60 pieces each) and folded the tulle into a pink basket that I purchased at the dollar store. I also purchased the elastic ahead of time (no roll elastic) and cut and sewed them ahead of time. Most of the girls were my daughter’s age and size so it was easy to estimate their waist size. The tulle and elastic were all ready for them in their personalized buckets so all the girls would have to do is actually make the tutu. I personalized the buckets with adorable chalkboard labels and used chalkboard markers to write their names.





I like making cute little goody bags, and this was no exception. A few months back I went to our local Carter’s Oshkosh store and they had necklace and bracelet sets on clearance for $1.99 each – some were originally more than $10 each. I scooped up 12 of them right on the spot and I immediately knew they would make a great goody bag favour. I added a bottle of pretty pink nailpolish and a ring pop lollipop and called it a day. I packaged them in adorable polkadot pouches and had chalkboard labels with their names on them!




I also had a bucket of tiaras so that my little ballerinas could feel like real princesses for the day!


Now, on to the food…

Michael’s allows you to bring in your own food, which is absolutely great. We had a party in the middle of the afternoon so I opted for a healthy fruit tray and a healthy veggie tray and of course, cupcakes! I served the little ballerinas pink lemonade in their own personalized mason jar cups with pink chevron striped straws. They were a HUGE hit! I bought the plastic mason jars on Etsy here.





The cupcakes were a huge hit. I had fancy cupcake wrappers and piped on pink frosting with pink pearls. I purchased the cupcake toppers off Etsy and they were absolutely beautiful! Love them! Here’s the link to the store where I bought the cupcake toppers – I highly recommend them – Ballerina Cupcake Toppers



And now some party pics!








It was an awesome party! And now a couple pictures of my newly turned seven year old! Here’s a couple from before the party at home, and one from her actual birthday where I got her matching dresses for her and her American Girl doll – Ellie! She was ecstatic!




Here are some more supplies I used:

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    1. Jill Post author

      Thanks Katrina! I bought the platter at a Superstore grocery store in Canada. It’s made by President’s Choice.


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