Make Your Own Tutu Tutorial


Kirsten’s seventh birthday was 2 weeks ago and we threw her an awesome ballerina birthday party. If you didn’t see the post, you can check out her party pictures HERE. For our craft, all the girls made their own tutus. It was super fun and the girls got to bring home a fun dress-up tutu of their very own. You could see just how proud they were that they made their own tutu too! I wanted to share with you guys the method I used to make the tutus.


rolls of tulle – I used 3 rolls of 20 yard tulle to have 3 colors in the tutu
no roll elastic
tape measure
needle and thread






1. First, unravel your no-roll elastic and place it around the waist of your child, making sure not to stretch the elastic. Take that measurement and then subtract 2-3 inches and cut the elastic. This will allow some stretch when putting on the tutu. Sew the ends of the elastic together. I did this step ahead of time to save time at the party. All the girls were Kirsten’s age, so I guesstimated their waist size compared to hers and went from there. This worked out really well!


2. Next you’re going to want to cut your tulle. I gave each girl 60 pieces of tulle – 20 pieces of each colour. Decide how long you want your tutus to be. I decided to make 14 inch tutus. That means that each cut piece of tulle would have to be 28 inches long (because it is folded in half). Find something that is 14 inches long (I found something that was 7 inches long, so I wrapped the tulle around it two full times) and wrap the tulle around it and cut. This will ensure that all of your pieces are the same length. Continue this step until all of your tulle is cut. I also did this step before the party so the girls only had to worry about assembling their tutu.




3. Now we need to assemble the tutu. Find a household item to place your elastic around. You want the elastic to sit on it nicely without stretching out too much. I used a plastic container. The girls used their pink baskets at the party.


4. Take 1 piece of tulle and fold it in half. Pull the bottom loop underneath the elastic band. Make sure the ends are even at the top.


5. Next, pull the 2 top ends over the elastic band and pull them through the bottom loop.



6. Place your thumb at the loop and pull the ends tight until it grips your thumb. Pull out your thumb and pull tight to the elastic – but not so tight that the elastic band stretches – just tight enough to grip the elastic.



7. Repeat these steps, alternating colours, until your elastic band is full. Slide the tulle knots together and fill in an empty spaces as needed. You want a nice full tutu.


This is what the finished product looks like:


Fluff up the tulle and let your little girl enjoy their new tutu. The girls were all able to make their own tutus within 1 hour.

Here’s Kirsten and her cousins with their tutus:


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