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Back to School Bento Giveaway

Here we are. The final day of ‘Bento Week’ here at Meet the Dubiens. To end this week with a bang, we’re going to have a giveaway. I chose some of my most favourite new items I have been using – all from Bento USA/All Things for Sale. They have anything you could ever want to make bento. Check out their amazing stock!!

Without further ado, this is what we’ll be giving away:


It’s a pretty awesome giveaway! This giveaway will include:

1. A brand new Goodbyn Hero lunch box in blue – found HERE

2. A brand new set of CuteZCute Cuddle Palz sandwich and deco cutter set – found HERE

3. A brand new set of bento essential carving, cutting and scooping tools – found HERE

4. A set of 3 brand new silicone heart food cups – large size – found HERE

5. A set of brand new super cute bento eye picks – found HERE

6. A set of 3 silicone bento dividers – found HERE

Look good? Wanna win?? Enter below using rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and stay tuned for the winner!!

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New Yumbox Design and Colors

Here we are, day 5 of Bento Week. Tomorrow will be the last day and because of that, I have a special surprise for you guys that may or may not consist of a fun giveaway! You’ll want to check in tomorrow to check it out.

Yumbox has to be one of my favourite bento boxes. It’s compact, features all the food groups in the tray to ensure kids are eating a well-balanced meal, it’s leakproof, dishwasher safe and comes in bright and fun colours. My kids love when I pack their lunch in it and I find it so easy to pack because the tray guides me with what to pack – although you can certainly pack whatever you want in each container too! Yumbox pretty much has it all. But wait. If you can believe it, they actually made it better. They now have the option of a larger compartment in the tray that will now hold a full sandwich. If you’ve got a sandwich loving kiddo – like both of mine are – you’re going to love this new box!



The tray that holds a full sandwich also features a fun new design inside. Love it!

Here’s a quick bento I made in my new yumbox….


The larger compartment held a full sandwich. I packed cherries with a cute leaf pick, and sliced cucumbers with a cute tree trunk pick and some ranch dressing for dipping. Once the lid is closed the ranch dressing is completely leak proof! It’s amazing.

The new full-sandwich yumbox comes in anguria pink (pictured), frutti blue, and pomodoro red.


Do you still love the original tray design? Well, yumbox has brand new colours for the original yumbox too. In addition to framboise pink and pomme green, they now have figue purple and myrtille blue.


You can buy your yumbox by clicking on the box below (contains affiliate links)

Yumbox Kids Bento Lunchbox

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Make Your Own Bento Picks


It’s day FOUR of bento week at Meet the Dubiens. Today we are going to mix bento with being crafty – two of my most favourite things! Sometimes I find that I am looking for a particular style of bento pick – say for a holiday or something else – and just can’t find what I want. The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to make your own. That’s right. You can make your own bento picks.

You only need 2 things to get started…


I picked up a container of plastic party forks for under $1.00 and found some super adorable puffy stickers. Puffy stickers work better because they won’t get ruined if they get a little wet.

Here’s how I made them…


1. Grab some plastic party forks.


2. Grab 2 stickers that will be mirror images of themselves. That means that when they are stuck to the party fork on both the front and the back, they fit perfectly together with no leftover sticky part showing.


3. Stick the stickers on the front and back of the top of the party fork pressing together firmly. You can alternatively use some glue too if you want a little extra adhesive.

Aren’t they adorable?!


Here’s a yumbox lunchbox (which I will be showcasing tomorrow!) bento lunch with my adorable new handmade picks…


Have fun making your own!

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CuteZCute Cuddle Palz Sandwich Cutter

Today is day 3 of Bento Week here at Meet the Dubiens! Today I am going to show you guys a brand new product made by CuteZCute. They are the same company who makes the awesome Cutezcute Animal Friends Deco Cutter Set and the CuteZcute Animal Palz Mini Cutter Set and now they have made this awesome CutezCute Cuddle Palz Deco Cutter Set.

This new sandwich cutting set does not disappoint! You can even use it with the original Cutezcute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter Set for even more possibilities!

This is what it looks like:



These how-to instructions, taken from their website, show you how to use them:


And would you look at all the cute combinations you can make!!


What kid wouldn’t love any of these cute sandwiches in their lunchbox! And don’t stop at just sandwiches. You can make cookies, stamp fruits, cut cheese and more – although the sandwiches are definitely my fave! These are BPA free and top-rack dishwasher safe.

Here’s a couple fun plates that I made with this cutter set. It literally took seconds and gives the cutest results!!


This nutella sandwich was cut into a koala bear with the koala cutter. I used the crust of the bread for the tree trunk, sliced cucumbers for the tree top and a sliced naval orange and carrots for the sun.


This tiger sandwich was made using the tiger cutter and marble cheese. I used cucumber slices for grass and naval orange and carrots for the sun.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make your kids fun food and healthy lunches!

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Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Kit Review

It’s day 2 of my bento week here at Meet the Dubiens. Today I wanted to do a little review of a bento box that I recently bought this Summer and I love. No, I wasn’t given these for free, nor am I being paid for this review. I bought these boxes with my own hard-earned money, loved them, and wanted to share them with you guys.


I bought these Rubbermaid LunchBlox kits this Summer from Amazon and have been using them all Summer for the kiddos. I thought I would try them out because they are bright and colourful (which I love), looked like they hold a decent amount of food, and I loved the flat ice pack which clicked right into the lunch containers.

I wasn’t disappointed when I received them! I bought 2 sets of the pink/green/purple, and 2 sets of the blue/green/orange. I like having 2 sets for each kid so that 1 set can be in the dishwasher and I still have an extra to pack. This way I’m not washing their lunch containers as soon as they get home so that I can use them again. I also bought some smaller containers that are in the LunchBlox line and also clip into these containers. You can find the smaller containers HERE

These containers are BPA free, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Sweet.

Each set comes with a larger container that holds a full sandwich – or salad or whatever and 2 small containers which are great for fruit, veggies, crackers and cheese, yogurt, you name it. If you buy the even smaller snack containers you can use 1 rectangle container and 2 small square containers. They all snap into an ice pack which sits in the middle between the boxes to keep everything cool.






The containers are leakproof (although I probably wouldn’t put liquid in them, they transport yogurt and such just fine!), easy to pack and easy for the kids to open and close. They fit in tall lunch bags, standing upright.

Here are a few of the smaller containers filled with snacks for the day!


The possibilities are endless, the colours are interchangeable and I can tell that this will be my go-to bento box this year. They hold enough food to last my kids throughout their lunch and snack breaks, and with the snap-on ice pack, I can ensure their lunch will stay fresh all day long.

LOVE IT! If you try them, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Here are the supplies I used to make these lunches:

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