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Halloween Glow Bracelets


This week the kids and I have been busy coming up with cool ideas to bring to school on Halloween. The kids love to give their classmates a little treat and I love making something creative. This year we’ve come up with 2 ideas, and this is the first. This year Halloween is going to be dark and cold. The weather looks like it’s going to be near-freezing. Safety is a must. These glow bracelet favors will not only be fun for the kids to wear while they are trick-or-treating, but will also help keep them safe from cars on the road.


These are cute and so easy to make. I even made you guys a free printable label to go with them.

halloween label

Here’s what you’ll need:

My free printable – see below
2-inch paper punch
heavy duty cardstock
glow stick bracelets



Get your FREE printable HERE

How to make it

1. Print out your labels on heavy duty cardstock.

2. Cut your labels with a 2-inch paper punch.


3. Grab 2 glow stick bracelets and attach the bracelet to 1 end – be careful not to bend the bracelet.

4. Tape the label to the glowsticks by placing a piece of tape across the back.



So simple and I just love them! Hopefully the kids will love them on Halloween too!!



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Make Your Own Bento Picks


It’s day FOUR of bento week at Meet the Dubiens. Today we are going to mix bento with being crafty – two of my most favourite things! Sometimes I find that I am looking for a particular style of bento pick – say for a holiday or something else – and just can’t find what I want. The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to make your own. That’s right. You can make your own bento picks.

You only need 2 things to get started…


I picked up a container of plastic party forks for under $1.00 and found some super adorable puffy stickers. Puffy stickers work better because they won’t get ruined if they get a little wet.

Here’s how I made them…


1. Grab some plastic party forks.


2. Grab 2 stickers that will be mirror images of themselves. That means that when they are stuck to the party fork on both the front and the back, they fit perfectly together with no leftover sticky part showing.


3. Stick the stickers on the front and back of the top of the party fork pressing together firmly. You can alternatively use some glue too if you want a little extra adhesive.

Aren’t they adorable?!


Here’s a yumbox lunchbox (which I will be showcasing tomorrow!) bento lunch with my adorable new handmade picks…


Have fun making your own!

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Back To School Notebooks


It’s coming. The summer is flying by and next thing you know our kids will be heading back to school and we’ll be back to our routine. To help get the kiddos excited for back to school (and hopefully inspire them to practice some school work), we made these lovely apple-stamped notebooks. Get all the details over at CBC Parents.

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American Girl Dollhouse – Dining Room

In my last post HERE I shared my DIY American girl dollhouse made out of 2 bookcases. It would make a great dollhouse for any 18 inch doll on the market. I mentioned that I was going to share how I decorated each room, where I bought the accessories and how much I spent. It’s not that I don’t love the actual American Girl furniture and accessories, but the prices are INSANE. This is my thrify and economical alternative. I have 6 rooms to share, and here is the first: the dining room – top right hand corner of the dollhouse:






Let’s start with the furniture…

A girl’s best friend when making a dollhouse is the thrift store. You heard me right. Our local thrift store was a gold mine for me while decorating this dollhouse. Our local thrift store is Value Village. I made 2 trips over the course of a couple weeks and just from those 2 trips I found enough furniture to finish furnishing this dollhouse. Don’t think I was scouring these thrift stores for years looking for this stuff. I seriously found all these goodies within 2 trips to the store. They get new stuff all the time and you would be AMAZED and what you can find and re-purpose.

Here are the furniture pieces I purchased for this room:



An old jewelry box makes a great dining room buffet for our American girl dollhouse. I removed the old hardware, removed the awful orange velour fabric, spray painted it robin’s egg blue and added beautiful crystal hardware. It was so easy and it looks great now!





Did you happen to notice that price tag?? That’s right. $2.99. I bought the new crystal knobs off Amazon for $6.00 for 10 – see link below, and used a can of spray paint that I already had.

Now let’s look at the buffet hutch I made:



To be quite honest, I’m not even sure what this little shelf thingy is supposed to be. Whatever it was though, it made a perfect hutch for our American girl dollhouse. I removed the ugly heart knob, spray painted it white, used chevron scrapbook paper that I already had to line the back of the shelves, and attached a new crystal knob – leftover from the buffet above.




This score was $4.99. I used white spray paint, scrapbook paper that I already owned, and a crystal knob from the set I purchased above (10 for $6.00). It’s perfect.

And finally, I made a table:



This table for Ellie used to actually be a napkin holder I think. It was made out of really nice wood and I actually wood have left the wood as is, but the previous owner had written in pen on the top and I had to paint over it. For that reason, I spray painted just the top of the table pink. It’s perfect. She does need some chairs now though.




This table was $3.99 and I used some pink spray paint that I already had.

And how onto the accessories:


I found this set of dishes at value village once again, for $1.99. It was wrapped in a little baggie on the wall where all the little small knick knacks are. These were a real score and they are PERFECT size for Ellie.


I bought these cake stands from Michael’s. When shopping at Michael’s, DO NOT forget your coupons. They regularly have 40% off coupons and sometimes have 25% off entire order including sale items. I love my coupons. The larger cake stand had a dome on it, but I accidently dropped it and broke it. Oopsy. I believe the large one was $11.99 and the smaller one was maybe $6.99. I then used coupons to get these items for 40% off. I work about 2 minutes from a Michael’s store so I will go multiple days if I need to just to keep getting my 40% off 1 item ;-) I used a cake that we had from another doll set at home.


The chandelier (like the one pictured above, only in blue) was purchased at Michael’s. They are actually meant to be locker lights and they have real working lights. You don’t need to wire them in either, they take batteries. You can set them to motion sensor so that they only go on when your child is playing with the dollhouse, or you can turn them on and off. THEY ARE AWESOME. This particular style of locker chandelier comes in pink, white, blue and black. I used blue in the dining room. It was $24.99, but it was 50% off that day, so I got it for about $12.50. I used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the ceiling. These are out in stores RIGHT NOW in the back to school sections. Get them now before they’re gone.


Here are some more dishes. I bought the orange and green bowls on the far right from Walmart for about $2.00 for both bowls. The 4 stacked ceramic bowls in the middle were purchased at Michael’s for about $4.00 after I used my coupons, and the dishes set on the far light were purchased from Value Village for $1.99 in a baggy in the knick knack section. Another thrift store score!!


These apples were also purchased in a plastic baggy in the knick knack section of Value Village for 1.00. They are PERFECT size for Ellie. I got a HUGE bag of them too. There’s probably about 40 apples.


Other things:

The menu chalkboard was purchased from Michael’s in the clearance section for $3.00 for 4 or 5 chalkboards with different coloured frames.

The tablecloth was purchased from Michael’s for a few dollars after I used my coupon.

The colander, white and blue bowl, and canning jar of peaches are actual American Girl accessories that I had purchased off Ebay some time ago. I can’t remember what I paid for them, but great deals can be found on Ebay.

So, there you have it. Ellie’s dining room looking sharp and thrifty. When shopping for doll house accessories, use your eyes. I find myself constantly thinking “would this work in the doll house” everywhere I go. You’ll be shocked at what you can find! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for the next room.

Here are some of the items I purchased for this dollhouse, although not all were purchased from Amazon (like the chandelier which is quite expensive on Amazon):

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DIY American Girl Doll House On A Budget

I don’t know if you guys have formally met the 5th member of our little family – Ellie. Ellie is Kirsten’s American Girl doll that she received this past Christmas and the 2 are pretty much inseparable.


Just look how excited my sweet little Kirsten was on Christmas morning:



Kirsten wanted the “My American Girl” doll to look just like her – and I think Santa did a pretty good job!


Nice work Santa!

Kirsten has been collecting clothes, furniture and accessories since Christmas for Ellie. It was all starting to get a tad messy in her room, and mama doesn’t like mess. We both decided that we needed somewhere neat and tidy to keep all her stuff. Kirsten REALLY wanted a doll house so I decided to check them out. Holy cow there are some amazingly beautiful doll houses out there! I found one on Etsy that I soooo wanted to buy, but the estimate to ship it to my house was over $500. Cough cough. Excuse me?! I also found amazing doll house plans, but even though I’m crafty, I’m definitely not a carpenter. I even found another 18 inch doll house that I considered buying online, but they wouldn’t ship to Canada. Figures. I thought long and hard about how I could pull this off. I started looking at bookcases online and the average bookcase is only about 12 inches deep – when you have an 18 inch doll, that doesn’t leave much room for furniture. I was stumped! I was browsing Amazon one night and came across some bookcases that I thought might just pull it off. The shelves were 17.5 inches deep, and 27.25 wide. That’s the best dimensions I had found for a bookcase and it was definitely big enough for an 18 inch doll’s furniture. They had 1 fixed shelf and 3 adjustable shelves. That meant that I didn’t need to use all the shelves so the rooms would be “tall” enough. I ordered 2 of these bookcases and prayed for the best. And what’s great about Amazon?? FREE SHIPPING. These definitely didn’t cost me my first born to ship them here. I put the shelves together and Kirsten and I have been busy decorating her dollhouse over the past month. Here it is:


And in the dark:


It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself. Now sure, it’s not your typical fancy dollhouse. But what it is is 2 bookcases that I will be able to re-purpose into bookcases again once Kirsten is no longer obsessed with dolls. For now, she absolutely loves it – and so does Ellie ;-)

This dollhouse is not only great for American girl dolls, but will work with any 18 inch doll on the market including Our Generation, Journey girls, Maplelea, etc. Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing how I decorated each room, where I got the accessories and the furniture and the average price I spent on this stuff. You might think it looks fancy, but I’ve been super thrifty with my purchases. The actual furniture pieces from American Girl are amazing, but I wasn’t about to re-mortgage my house to pay for furnishing a dollhouse. Kirsten is super excited about her new dollhouse and I can’t wait to show you more. Stay tuned!

Here is the exact bookcase I purchased – I bought two:

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