Thanksgiving Veggie Cups


These adorable Thanksgiving turkey veggie cups are not only a fun craft to make, but they’ll also hold an adorable and healthy snack for your kiddos! With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, it’s a great craft and snack to try with your little ones. Get all the details on how we made this over at CBC Parents.

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Back to Life, Back to Reality


Que the music… Back to life, back to reality. Ah September. I really do like September, but I also mourn my carefree Summer. September means back to school, back to homework every night, back to dance practices, swimming lessons, martial arts classes, and indoor soccer games, back to making school lunches, back to earlier bedtimes and hectic evenings and weekends. Cooler temperatures have arrived and the last few days have definitely made it feel like Fall. Despite all this, we still managed to have a pretty fun month – the pictures in the collage above from my instagram account are there to prove it! And now we’re entering October. Bring it on! Here’s to a coming month of beautiful fallen leaves, pumpkin pies, giving thanks and trick-or-treating. I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

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Pine Cone Hedgehogs


I just love crafts that involve recycling the treasures we find in nature! These pine cone hedgehogs are not only super cute, but the kids loved making them too! Find out how we made them over at CBC Parents.

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Annual Back to School Interviews

I’ve been doing a back to school interview with my kids ever since their first day ever of school. I can now go back and see what their answers were when they were 3 or 4 years old and I cherish these little keepsakes I have of them. Their answers to these questions are now starting to be more truthful, more real, and less silly. In one way it’s great because my kids are thinking more for themselves and what their real interests are rather than what just pops in their head like they had in the past. But it’s also a little sad because they are growing up and becoming their own person and I miss those sweet and innocent kids and their silly little answers of the past. It’s bittersweet. My babies are growing up into respectful, honest, and caring human beings and I’m very proud! Here are their interviews from this year….


My favourite answer this year – The one thing she wants to do this year is have fun with family and friends. So simple. So pure. So Kirsten.


My favourite answer this year – I actually have quite a few for Camden! I think the most obvious thing about his interview though is that he REALLY likes the game minecraft and would love nothing more than to play it all day, every single day – even in his room with his very own Xbox. Dream on little one, lol.

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