New Pictures of the Kiddos

Every year – usually before Christmas because I like to give them as Christmas gifts – I take new portraits of the kiddos. This year I couldn’t find the time to get around to taking them until after Christmas, but I still got them done nonetheless. I put these yearly portraits in some frames in my living room and there they stay for the year until I take new ones again in December. I kind of keep these instead of the usual horrid school pictures. Don’t get me wrong, school pictures serve their purpose and I do usually still buy them just for the memories, but I like these much better to frame and display around the house. Here are a few of my faves from this year..

BTW, Camden wears glasses and needs to wear them basically all the time unless he is sleeping. His prescription is pretty big, and thus his lenses are a bit thick – even though we paid extra for thinner lenses. I am having a lot of difficulty taking his pictures in natural light with his glasses on. When I try, all I get is glare over his lenses and can’t see his eyes. I’ve been taking his glasses off in pictures to help remedy that, but I don’t like how that’s not really “him” now if you know what I mean. Anyone out there have kiddos with glasses and any tips for taking their pictures in natural light?? Thanks in advance!








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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year’s everyone! Every year I do a little collage of the all the fun the Dubien kids had in 2014. I think this is the 4th year I’ve done this, and I love looking back to see what we were up to. They are such a great keepsake. I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Here’s to 365 days of new beginnings. Cheers!

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Midnight Milk and Cookies


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Are you looking for a fun way to help your kids ring in the New Year tonight?? Look no further! This midnight milk and cookies treat is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face and help them celebrate the New Year. Visit CBC Parents to find out how to make this fun treat!

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